bees aren’t for dogs

Today we had a sniffy walk and I saw lots of things I wanted to chase. And eat. There were some fat bees that I’m sure I could have caught. I ate a bee once when I was a puppy and got a fat lip. I’d like to try again, but I wasn’t allowed to.

I posed with some flowers – that was boring.

We saw chickens. I love the fact that there are chickens in the neighbourhood, just a few blocks from us. I learned that Vancouver allows 4 chickens per lot, but no roosters, also no ducks, turkeys, or goats. (I wonder if we could have a pig?) I think we should have chickens at home but probably the strata wouldn’t allow it. I would help take care of them…

Finally, we stopped at one of my favourite places, The Mighty Oak, for treats. I was very patient.

All in all, a good walk.

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