today I went to the chiropractor

Today we did something completely new. My hu-mom took me to see a veterinary chiropractor, Dr. Petra Rutz. I had no idea what to expect but I always am excited to go to new places. Dove, my agility instructor, thought I was jumping the 22″ jumps in a funny way – differently than I used to. Nothing stops me from running flat out to chase a ball, but nothing would – I love doing that!

The waiting room was a great place to explore – there were toys, and many stories left by dogs before me. When it was our turn three very beautiful and energetic pugs spilled out of the examination room, snuffling and wheezing up a storm. I thought one of them might be Lue… more about Lue another time.

Dr. Petra

The exam room had a table with cookies on it and I wanted them! However, it quickly became apparent that hopping up to look at them and woofing was having no effect. So I sat still and willed them to come to me, and what do you know, they did! Seems that Dr. Petra liked it when I was patient and gave me cookies. Ha! That was easy.

Next she started stroking my back – that was nice. Then she asked my hu-mom to do the same and see if she could feel a temperature change. And sure enough, I had a warm spot about two-thirds down my back. Dr. Petra poked a bit and manipulated my joints, and suddenly I felt pretty good! Like I could jump 22″ no problem. However I have been told to keep the jumps low for a couple of weeks.

After we were finished, I got a tour of the therapy pool.I met another dog who was recovery from surgery and told me good things about the pool. I think I might get my hu-mom to take me there one day.

tired emma

Now I’m just chillin’ on the chair – it’s been a busy day, and I have to go to  agility tonight!


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