dog is my co-pilot ;)

Today Emma helped me with the payroll for our InterPARES Trust graduate research assistants. She let me prepare payroll but then came with me to the university to make sure I got everything printed out and delivered. She’s a great help. She’s my navigator.

She makes sure I go to the right office. Good thing I didn’t forget the keys.

She gets impatient waiting in the office though. The photocopier is very slow.

Once everything is printed we go to another building to drop them off. She likes the elevator, and then knows where the forms have to be dropped.

Finally we are finished and it’s time to go! She convinces me to stop at the corner of 29th and King Edward and take a walk in Pacific Spirit Park. This is a new part of the park that we have never explored. It more than makes up for office time!

Emma has a great recall, partly because we always practice, and there are often treats involved!


At one point we stopped and just listened to the birds. If I knew my bird songs I could have identified them, but we were happy to just listen and enjoy. I recorded them, but need to upgrade my plan to attach the recording. Boo.

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