a new game

Emma and I played a new game yesterday – match the toy. Or in this case the sock, sandal, or shoe. Emma loves playing “put your toys away” – I scatter her toys around the house and she races around picking them up and putting them in a basket (“Go get another one! Good girl!!”). Or find the toy, where I hide a toy somewhere in the house and ask her to find it. I despair for the wood floors… This time I took a pair of my socks (dirty of course, her favourite kind), a pair of sandals, and a pair of running shoes – all quite distinct in appearance. I put one of each at the top of the stairs – not hidden – and took their mates downstairs. I asked her to bring me something from the downstairs set, and then said “Go find the other one!” With just a bit of encouragement for her to go upstairs, not just bring the remaining downstairs items, off she dashed, and each time she brought the correct matching item! (Well, of course the last time she had no choice, but still!) What a clever girl! So we will experiment with more items and more difficult items as time goes on.

She also had a brief visit with her hu-nephew. I tried to get a picture of the two of them but it was a fast action shot before a quick grab to rescue the baby from being drowned in dog kisses.


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