bits and pieces

I have been enjoying warm sunny days that have finally come to Vancouver. Every morning I wake my hu-mom and ask her if it is time for breakfast. We get up and go around the block and then it’s time for breakfast! I think Pooh said it best.


Afterwards she starts working on her computer and I work on my tan.


Sometimes I take a nap in my new crate. It is collapsable, and soft, and like a warm cave. We are going to take it on a road trip soon.


Hu-mom has been taking me to the park to brush me. I think she could build a whole new dog with the fur that she gets out of my coat. A couple of days ago we took Lue and his hu-sister with us. Man, Lue loves getting brushed! That dog has no dignity.


At the end of the day we watch the sun set from the deck and dream about what will happen tomorrow…



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