the risk of gluttony

Today started in an ordinary enough way. Wake up hu-mom, walk, breakfast, fetch random items of clothing or shoes to hu-mom in hopes of praise and treats – you know, ordinary stuff. Then I noticed strangers in our midst! The gardeners were spreading mulch – very exciting! Before they got to the back we harvested the garlic that we had planted when we moved in last December and took it upstairs to dry in the sun on the deck. A very small crop this year because of the move, but better than a poke in the eye with a big stick, as my hu-granny used to say.


But then the excitement really started! Lue came over to stay while his people attended various appointments. Why did Lue come, you might ask. Well it turns out that my beloved Lue got hold of a bag of dried apricots last night and secretly devoured them all. He didn’t eat the bag – he’s not a goat – but the apricots went down the hatch. Not a good scene. As the apricots rehydrated in his warm moist tummy they swelled him up like a football. I gather everyone chez Lue had a bad night. So he could not be left on his own when his people were out. We went for a walk to the park and I have to say that rehydrated apricots were coming out both ends of that greedy pug. When we came home we all retired to our various safe places – in Lue’s case to sleep off apricot stupor, and in my case to wonder why I had not had any apricots… It was very hot and we enjoyed the fan.

Here is a bird’s eye view of an apricot-stuffed pug:


I am happy to report though that Lue seems to be feeling better – the apricot hangover is wearing off. Till next time.

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