beans and tater-tots

Today was much more fun that yesterday. IMG_5989The day started, of course, with breakfast, my favourite! And then a walk! Another favourite! It doesn’t get much better than that. But it did! We piled into the car and took off – I didn’t know where we were going at first, and I didn’t care, but pretty soon I realized we were on the route to my chiropractor! Yes, I go to a chiropractor – at least that’s what my hu-mom calls her. I call her the lady-who-tickles-me-and-then-gives-me-treats. Chiro-what? I sure feel good at the end of my time with her – I don’t know if it is because of the tickles or the treats, but, really, who cares? I feel good – that’s what matters!

Then we piled back in the car and it was time for me to go to work protecting my little human. We took him for a walk down to Science World and along the seawall. I take my job very seriously.

We walked all the way to the dog park near Granville Island, and there were several very fun dogs there. I raced and frolicked and leaped tall rocks in a single bound. But here I am with one of the dogs I played with, sitting still in hopes of treats (they were shrimp! delish!) We both got treats for sitting so nicely.


In the afternoon I was tired, and hu-mom left me napping to go sing in the choir for a wedding – she shared some pics with me – looks like it was quite the event. Hurray for Heather and James! The music included Erik Satie, Bobby Ferrin, J.S. Bach, Rupert Lang, Herbert Sumsion, and ended with a Beatles song – All You Need Is Love, complete with kazoos! I wish I could have been there too – I love to sing! You should here me sing when ambulances or fire trucks go by. I raise my nose to the sky and sing the song of my people. Aaahh-ooooohhh!

When hu-mom came home, guess what – I had dinner! My favourite! And then we went for a walk! My favourite! It has been a good day.



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