more adventures of bean and tater tot… with drones!

Today was really something! Of course, breakfast, say no more. And the post-breakfast walk included ball throwing – there’s nothing better! Then nap time while hu-mom went to sing at Christ Church Cathedral – this was, apparently, the final Sunday of the summer music festival, and they were singing music by Johann Rudolph Ahle – 17th century German Baroque… she thought it was pretty fabulous. I slept. Or, at least that is what I told her…

IMG_6005When she came home we set off to pick up my favourite little human – the tater tot! I led us straight to his building!  Off we set on another adventure, heading down again to Science World.

IMG_6006This time, though, we headed north to the Yaletown side – I always like going past the Casino and to the dog park on that side. We met lets of nice dogs today! (and one not so nice dog, but we stayed away from him.) Here are some pics of a few of the dogs I met:

We walked over the Cambie Street Bridge, and were surprised to find police ATVs on our side! What were they looking for?

Three police officers headed over to a small island (no dogs allowed, or we would have gone too!) Maybe they were looking for this guy? See him sleeping beside the big rock? Looks like a comfy spot to me!IMG_6015

Or maybe they were looking for rose hips – there sure were a lot of those! Look at the size of these things!

IMG_6014 But the best was this guy – singing House of New Orleans, and Neil Young, and his own work – tater tot loved it! And hu-mom sang along – I was so embarrassed!








When we finally got home I was exhausted! I needed a nap.IMG_6026

Not for long though – hu-mom took me to see Lue! I am always happy to go see my boyfriend, play with new toys, and hope for treats!

But wait, there’s more! Ha! The day is still young! Off we went to the park, where we found the most fascinating things! Drones! Who knew how fabulous and exciting these things are! Look!!!

And if that wasn’t enough, we met another pug, Rosy! A-Ma-Zing! What a cute girl!

I am so exhausted from this wonderful day! I can’t imagine what tomorrow will bring!

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