share and share alike

I am a generous girl. I like to share what I have with the humans I love. In my case, what I have in abundance is – fur. That’s right, luxurious, shiny, healthy, fur. Black. In case you were wondering.

Now, look at this picture.


What do you see? Yes, right, stairs. I know. But what else do you see? Or, rather, what don’t you see? That’s right, fur. You don’t see fur. Well let me tell you it is not for lack of trying. I do my part around this house. I deposit as much lovely black fur as I can. Everywhere. I like to think that I am contributing to the household by making it fur-lined and cosy.

And then what does hu-mom do? She gets out that nasty noisy machine that sucks all the fur up. Why? She did it again today. Hence the lack of fur in the picture.

I hate that machine.

There – I said it – I hate it. It is too noisy. It hurts my ears. And it sucks up and steals all the fur I have so lovingly distributed around the house to make it a more comfy home.

Look – there it is. The loathsome monster!


Sometimes I think hu-mom doesn’t understand me at all.



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