road trip day 2! or, “why so serious?”

IMG_6100What a great day!

Hu-mom didn’t let me sleep on the bed last night, something about not shedding on the hotel sheets (hope they appreciate that!), but other than that everything has been fantastic! I got hu-mom up this morning – everyone else was already awake! come ON hu-mom! and Catherine and hu-mom took me out for a walk, with the ball.

Did you know there were really great trails all around Harrison? I didn’t. But I found out! Look at these trails! Awesome.

There were some strange growths. But really, hu-mom, are you kidding? (eye-roll)


OK, I thought I was a bit hesitant about water (I know, I’m a lab – what’s with that?) but actually, water is great! I started by taking a flying leap into mud – that was fun! It made me zoom around – tuck-butt run! Then hu-mom started throwing a stick into the water, and I thought, why not? let’s get that stick! And, what do you know? Swimming is fun! First I chased the stick, then later in the afternoon I chased the ball.

There are beautiful trails along the Miami River:

and a whole bunch of funny bears!

It’s been a great day!

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