what next?!?

This has been quite a day! So much activity around the ‘hood. Not that Lue would notice…IMG_6130
he is just hiding under the pillow hoping no one will notice him and drag him out for a walk! Lazy s0-and-so…

But what is this? Hu-mom – what have you done now?!?


No time to wonder though, because apparently swimming was in the plan for lunch time. Hu-mom thought I needed a gentle introduction to swimming – haha – that was before Harrison Lake! All because I don’t like to leap into the water off rocks… She had booked a session at Water Workz for me to ease me into the water (haha! she’s kidding, right?) I didn’t tell her it wasn’t necessary – I mean, why not go for a swim in a warm salt water pool?

After that we came home for a nap (me) and work (Hu-mom). At the end of the afternoon I learned what that package was (remember? at the front door?) Agility! Weave poles! Jumps!

I’m so happy… I’m so tired!


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