flowers are for sniffy walks

I love it when hu-mom stops to take pictures of flowers. She thinks she is documenting the neighbourhood visually, but I just think it is an opportunity to read the neighbourhood! Through my nose! (How else does one read? How do you read?) I know people set great store by reading words, reading a situation, reading a face, etc. – all visual – and that’s fine, but there is nothing as visceral, as primal, as limbic, as reading the environment through one’s nose!  And here’s proof! Even when hu-mom stops to take a picture of a flower, she often sniffs it as well! That’s reading, isn’t it? The internet – and this blog – is impoverished by their lack of ability to convey smell…

I know this is true for humans even if they are unaware of it… hu-mom sometimes is transported back to an earlier memory by a smell… even more so than by some visual cue. And the smell is often completely sudden, random, and unexpected.

Here are some of the pictures of the smells of the neighbourho0d – all, I might add, smells that are acceptable to humans. If I were taking pictures of sources of smell (and really, why would I when the smell is right in front of me, but, hey, work with me here) I would be taking pictures of garbage, poop, food scraps, pee on tires – you know, actually interesting things that tell a real story of animals living their interesting lives – humans, dogs, squirrels, cats, maybe racoons, coyotes, the possibilities are endless!


Now take this little guy:


Just imagine what he is reading off of this leaf!

And look what he has to work with! Does this look like the middle of the city to you? This is on the grounds of City Hall! I love this place! Dogs have written whole books and left them here for me to read…This is a veritable dog’s Library of Constantinople …

Which is all to say, we all have our own ways of experiencing the world – to each his (her) own – live and let live!

Bye for now, time for a nap…


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