paddle boarding!!

I think my life is perfect. This morning we headed to the park early to practice weave poles, and hu-mom set up a jump as well! (No pics – sorry!) I really get the weave poles now, but I still have a bit of trouble sometimes because my reward is the ball, and sometimes I can’t wait to get the ball so I skip a few poles. Except, when I do, I don’t get the ball, and I have to try the weave poles again! Confusing. 

But wait – there’s more!

Around noon (I think it was noon – my stomach said it was halfway between breakfast and dinner) we hopped in the car. Where were we going? We set off through the downtown – another pack walk, I thought! But no, on the north end of the Lion’s Gate Bridge we turned west – wha…? Maybe we were going to the ferry! But no, just before the ferry we turned off the highway and headed south. I was totally confused! Imagine my surprise when we stopped and I heard the familiar barks of Willa, Shadow, and Lucy, from the pack!

Next thing I knew we were walking with some very strange contraptions. Lucy looks like she knows what’s going on, but I don’t have a clue – look!

We walked these weird things down to the water – hu-mom, Sheila, Lucy, and me, and then – can you guess? they went in the water and we got on top! They were wobbly – it was a very strange feeling. Here I am lying down on the board – it was kinda hard for hu-mom to get a picture.

I had to wear a puffy harness that – as it turned out – helped me float when I was swimming. I did a lot of board-to-board transfers – sometimes I jumped from one board to the other, and sometimes I swam. Every time I got back on a board (with help! the puffy harness had a handle that the humans used to help me get out of the water) I shook and shook to get all that salty water (yes, it was salty! I tried to drink some!) – I like to get the humans wet too. It’s quite a trick to do a full doggy shake on a paddle board! Hu-mom didn’t get many pictures – I guess humans dry off but i-Phones don’t…

We saw a momma seal and a baby, lots of little fish, and jelly-fish! It was a glorious afternoon! Thanks Sheila and Lucy!

Now for a nap…



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