fur-friend play date!

Today my fur-friend Libby came to spend the day – a play-date! We hadn’t seen each other in over a month so we were crazy excited to see each other, as you can only imagine! Zoomies around the house! Well, there would have been, but for some reason hu-mom doesn’t encourage that. She can be such a downer.

Libby’s hu-mom is working on a contract at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn, Germany – how cool is that? But not so cool for Libby, so it was great to have her visit today. After her hu-dad dropped her off, we had a little rest to calm down and get over the excitement of seeing each other, and then – WALKIES! On a shared leash!


And look how well-behaved we were – sitting for the light to change.

We really wanted to show off how beautiful Vancouver was this morning – our summer weather is back!

After we had done our civic duty, pointing out the beauty of the city, we hit the dog park. There weren’t too many dogs there, which was a good thing. Libby found a ball, that she claimed instantly as hers and hers alone (finders keepers!). We chased it together for a while but we both got pretty hot.

No problem, though, there was a pool! Like a single bath tub – only big enough for one… I considered making a dainty entry and delicately stuck one paw in, but Libby brushed me aside and claimed it as her own. She had a hard time getting comfy though, or maybe getting wet enough…

On the way home we found this (see, Libby still has that ball!):

When we got home, we were exHAUSted! Hu-mom was very happy because it meant she could get lots of work done. As hu-mom says, a tired dog is a good dog. And I say, a tired dog is a happy dog!



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  1. Wonderful story! We loved reading all about Emma and Libby’s play date in the City. What beautiful fur-friends, so sleek and smiley.


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