friends and family, family and friends

I should have written this post last night but I was just too darned tired! I hosted a dinner party and it was a lot of work! Actually, humom did most of the work, but I worried a lot and did my best to make sure everyone had a good time! Here I am ready for the party – I think I look consistently fabulous – part of looking consistently fabulous is about wearing your pearls!


(They aren’t real, but they look good, don’t they?)

It was really hard to wait for everyone to arrive. I tried to be patient… but where is everyone?

Finally! Everyone arrived. Naturally, I was most concerned to see my boyfriend, Lue.

But I think he was most concerned with getting the humans to drop things for him… I was crushed! But not for long – hey, it was a party! We had fun, even if I did find myself in some undignified positions… people think they can just scoop me up – what do they think I am, some little lapdog? (Oh, wait, I think I am a lap dog…) But I am nothing if I am not tolerant of the antics these humans get up to.

Tater tot had a great time – food and family and friends!  A winning combo.


Note the pearl theme continued – we should have put some on Tater tot…



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