block party

Today was the neighbourhood block party. I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, hu-mom did not dress me up in a demeaning costume before we left. Little did I know what was in store though…

It was a spectacular fall day (read – lots of squirrels – oh boy!)


I got a bit worried when we went to collect Lue and found him in his Pug Snow costume…


But off we went, and for a while things were fine. Lots of little kids being busy. Who knew there were so many kids on our street?

Look – here’s Ozzie! Most of the time he is lying down and looks like a mop someone left behind.


Hu-mom dressed me up with a jaunty scarf and a few flowers – this isn’t so bad!


But wait, what fresh hell is this?!? The indignities I have to suffer!

Soon it was time for the pet parade. I would say dog parade, but there was one fish, and I hardly felt like a self-respecting dog in my crazy get-up. Lue tried to get a jump on the rest of us – all he cared about was popcorn that might be dropped on the ground, and getting to it first.

I was awarded “Best Dressed” – were the judges drunk? The bike race followed.

Is Ozzie really a dog?

Finally we went home for supper – the favourite part of my day.

DSCF6206 copy.JPG



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