carpe diem

What, dogs don’t know Latin? Sure they do. Anyway… today at lunch time I dragged hu-mom away from her wretched computer and took her to the park for a dose of September sunshine. It was a glorious, spectacular, beautiful day, and humans are crazy to spend days like this inside.


Look at that sky! Look at the grass! Look at the leaves! Why aren’t there more people out here?!? Monday, you say? Work, you say? Ha! The world would be a happier place if people took the lead from dogs and carpe-d that diem. Just look how much fun we were having!


I sat right next to hu-mom at the picnic table. She took a picture.


Don’t laugh – it’s pretty comfy.

But soon, all good things come to an end – in the human world anyway – silly humans. Home we went, back to that silly machine…


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