I pull my weight…

I am nothing if not helpful. I help hu-mom every day. Today I helped her bring home wine.img_6424

I wore my most excellent back pack. Saddle bags, really. Feels quite strange when they are full – they make me walk a little more carefully than normal. Although I did get pretty excited when a squirrel ran practically under my nose. Hu-mom  was very clear that chasing squirrels with bottles of wine on board was a total non-starter.


We made it home though, no problem. I know what is expected of me! Now hu-mom is working… all her archivist friends will understand! 🙂


One comment

  1. Of course Emma is going to be the perfect wine delivery pup!! Libby would have run after that squirrel, bottles or no bottles. Oyster Bay and Diplomatics – ha ha, isn’t that blasphemy? Shouldn’t it be a Villa Antinori?


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